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September 01, 2022

Winning designs for the Quartier Am Humboldthain awarded

The winner of the two-stage urban planning competition for the new Berlin Quarter Am Humboldthain (QAH) has been determined. The design of the Danish planning office "Cobe" was awarded first place by the jury on August 12 and has now been presented to the public. Second place was awarded to the joint design by "Ortner & Ortner Baukunst" and "capattistaubach urbane landschaften"; third place went to the work of "Robertneun TM GmbH" and "Atelier Loidl Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH.

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April 19, 2022

Future: Living, Housing, Working - Goals & Target Groups: What's still possible now! on August 30, 2022

Inflation everywhere, rapidly rising interest rates and construction costs, a shortage of materials and then war in Ukraine: the consequences are already being clearly felt, especially in the real estate industry. All the more urgent are the many questions facing the industry: Who is still asking for space now? Who can still afford which apartments? Who wants to live in the city and who wants to live in the country? Which demanders are active in the market? For which target groups is there still a good market? Who is falling out of the market? Is it still possible to build at all? At what price is building still possible? Rarely has the market had so many questions at once.

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April 13, 2022

Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck is making progress

The first part of the Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck in Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is in the final push for the development planning. The Immobilien-Zeitung has published a detailed report on this. The article emphasizes that the Senate and district, together with the developer, can very well pull together when it comes to forward-looking new urban neighborhoods in Berlin.

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April 01, 2022

Success parameters of urban district developments

The editorial staff of BERLINboxx spoke with Dr. Markus Vogel, Managing Director of BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH, about complex real estate project developments. Among other things, they discussed the most important factors for the success of a project and the importance of sustainability in today's projects.

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