April 19, 2022

Future: Living, Housing, Working - Goals & Target Groups: What's still possible now! on August 30, 2022

Inflation everywhere, rapidly rising interest rates and construction costs, a shortage of materials and then war in Ukraine: the consequences are already being clearly felt, especially in the real estate industry. All the more urgent are the many questions facing the industry: Who is still asking for space now? Who can still afford which apartments? Who wants to live in the city and who wants to live in the country? Which demanders are active in the market? For which target groups is there still a good market? Who is falling out of the market? Is it still possible to build at all? At what price is building still possible? Rarely has the market had so many questions at once.

Target groups and markets in the real estate industry had already differentiated quite widely in recent years, also reinforced by Corona. Markets and their demanders have become more heterogeneous and have changed. As a result of the current and considerable restrictions on the framework conditions for the industry, we are now asking ourselves: What goals can the real estate industry pursue today in the short and medium term? What is even possible against the background of exploding construction and energy costs? That's what we want to explore with the event "Future: Living, Housing, Working - Goals & Target Groups: What's possible now!" to shed light on this in detail and provide answers. 

"Future: Living, Housing, Working - Goals & Target Groups: What's still possible now!"

At the cooperation event of BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH and the BFW Landesverband Berlin / Brandenburg e. V., renowned experts such as Prof. Dr. Michael Voigtländer from the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln e. V. and Dr. Silke Borgstedt, Managing Director of the Sinus Institute in Berlin, will discuss the topic.

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August 30, 2022
14:00 – 19:00 


rbb Dachlounge
Masurenallee 20
14057 Berlin


BFW Landesverband Berlin / Brandenburg e. V.