Project Development / Real Estate Strategy for Berlin Brandenburg Airport - BER

Flughafengesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg (FBB) owns around 240 hectares of land directly at Berlin-Brandenburg BER Airport. This makes it the largest provider of qualified land for office and commercial space at the site. In the future, neighborhoods for offices, co-working, hotels, congresses, gastronomy as well as culture and education are to be built there. The "BER 2040 Master Plan" provides an infrastructural model within which the real estate development opportunities around the airport can be developed.



The assignment of BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH consisted of three steps for FBB:

  • Step 1: Analysis and evaluation of the established BER 2040 master plan.
  • Step 2: Creation of a sustainable development strategy
  • Step 3: Development of the marketing for the landside real estate development

The overarching goal of the assignment was to create a sustainable overall concept for the development of all landside neighborhoods defined in the master plan. The real estate strategy thus becomes the basis for an attractive location as a growth engine for Berlin and Brandenburg.



In the first step, an analysis of the CREM goals for landside real estate development was carried out; conflicting goals were also identified. In the next step, a risk profile of the strategic premises, methods and scenarios of the BER 2040 master plan was created. Real estate submarkets, asset classes, location factors as well as best practices for the development of other airport cities and effects of socio-economic trends were considered.

Based on the results of the analysis and evaluation, a sustainable development strategy was developed in a second step for all quarters that could be developed in terms of urban development. This also included the necessary positioning of FBB as a potential real estate developer. Among other things, the development strategy covered topics such as urban development qualification, the definition of the utilization structure, the tasks of preparing sites for construction, the market-oriented provision of building plots, a sustainable parking strategy, and an integrated mobility concept for the core business and real estate development alike. The central question was which real estate offer should be developed under which framework conditions and when. To this end, guidelines were also drawn up for the time phases of the real estate project.

In the third step, BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH developed a marketing strategy for a total of five superordinate quarters, each of which was considered individually. Among other things, the necessary staffing, the prioritization of individual areas and the positioning in the competition were taken into account.


Result / Added Value

FBB received a well-founded evaluation of the numerous concepts and scenarios for the BER 2040 master plan that had been developed to date in terms of market conformity and the time, financial and personnel resources required to make them ready for construction. This made it possible to concretely identify opportunities and risks in the development of the sites.

The development and marketing strategy drawn up for the airport for all of FBB's landside urban development neighborhoods outlined a concrete roadmap with measures (targets and subprojects) to be taken at various points in time. This provides FBB with a high degree of plannability and a sound basis for further real estate development today and in the future of the very large supply of land at BER.


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