June 8, 2021

Coros develops the Quartier Am Humboldthain and starts open project development together with Büro Dr. Vogel

For about one year, Coros has been developing the Quartier Am Humboldthain (QAH) in Berlin-Mitte. Yesterday, the kick-off event of the "open project development" started together with the BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH. The neighborhood is located south of the Volkspark Humboldthain (people´s park Humboldthain) on Gustav-Meyer-Allee. It was acquired with the current building in 2019. On the former Nixdorf production site a commercially characterized, lively quarter will be created in the next few years. The professional public and citizens will be actively involved in the development process to find out what can be created on the 65,000 sqm site. It is one of the largest neighborhood developments in Berlin and currently the largest commercial development within the S-Bahn ring in Berlin. The planning period for the Quartier am Humboldthain will extend over the next 3-5 years. The completion of the quarter in its urban development outline is targeted for 2028. The project is managed by Quartier am Humboldthain GmbH, and current information and reports on the neighborhood development are publicly available at quartier-humboldthain.berlin.

The Quartier Am Humboldthain is being built in one of Berlin's eleven future locations in the Gesundbrunnen district. For decades, the district was associated with the electrical industry and the AEG company and is characterized by industrial buildings and workers' quarters. Today, the district is in the midst of a structural transformation into a location for science, research and modern services. The Quartier Am Humboldthain is already embedded in the Technologie-Park Humboldthain (TPH). With institutes of the TU Berlin and the Fraunhofer IZM as well as a multitude of innovative companies from the fields of technology, IT, research as well as media and creative industries, a close cooperation of science and economy is already lived at this location. The construction of the quarter will provide new and important impulses for the location and the district.

The location of the quarter offers a multitude of utilization perspectives and possibilities. Points of reference are the Volkspark Humboldthain as a local recreation area as well as, for example, the historic buildings of the former AEG plant that surround the quarter. The basis for the "open project development" is the workshop procedure that started yesterday. This will determine what can be developed here in the future. A wide range of commercial uses is possible here. The neighborhood development will become an integral part of the existing urban space. Access routes and accessibility for the public, especially for uses in the first floor zones, are just two aspects of this. The goal is to create space for as many different users as possible.

The goal of the open development procedure is to formulate a broad consensus between citizens, politics, business and science in order to find a sustainable utilization concept for this special property. To this end, several dialog events will be held with representatives from politics, business, science and citizens. In moderated discussion rounds, wishes and suggestions for the development of the neighborhood can be made. This will create a solid basis for the development of the district.

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