Design of conceptual sales procedures for public properties to incorporate strategic goals in the public interest

Cities and municipalities are increasingly looking at ways to couple the sale of public land with strategic goals for the common good. One of the potent tools to achieve these goals are conceptual sales procedures that include the element of comprehensive concepts along with the financial bid. In this way, it is possible to ensure from the outset that the sale will be awarded to the bidder who develops the best overall concept from the perspective of the community.



The BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH was commissioned to develop the entire framework of conceptual sales procedures: A definition of overall goals, specific criteria, a derivation for adaptable scoring systems, a derivation of a guideline to weigh the independent factors: Purchase offer and quality of the concept, including model processes for preparation and implementation. The objective was to create a comprehensive methodology and adaptable tool box for conceptual sales procedures in general.



The solution was to use a concrete and specific sales object as a pilot project. To start with, the BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH analyzed the market and property conditions for the site. From these, it was possible to derive which potential and benefits existed for bidders and purchasers in assigning large and complex real estate to concept procedures. As a next step, a methodology was developed for the client by which the plots and properties could be delivered to potential bidders according to the planned procedure.

To this end, criteria were defined that determined the best concept for the respective location. It was clearly worked out which weighting is crucial for which quality aspects.


Result / Added Value

One focus of the consultation was to ensure that the approach and criteria were always applied to the pilot project in a practical manner. The greatest value for the client was therefore that the applicability of the proposed methodology was proven and that it ensured that the client could successfully implement the conceptualized procedure in future sales projects and transactions.


Project Volume

€10 million