Reorganization and the future of the market halls in Munich


Within the context of the planned reorganization of the Munich market halls, the City of Munich commissioned an analysis of their future viability. The business area market hall, the market environment, the condition of the buildings and their potential were to be examined; furthermore, a location analysis was to be carried out. The report was to identify the investments necessary for the renovation and modernization, which would be required to improve the attractiveness and profitability of the site.



To start with, a comprehensive analysis of the current situation was carried out, taking into account both the internal organization and the industry environment. The investigation examined the perspective of the market, the location and the buildings, the existing business model and its sustainabilaty. On the basis of the demands and opportunities identified within the market analysis, various real estate and location scenarios were investigated. From this, the requirements of the new business model could be derived. Finally, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the resultant measures was analyzed and assessed.


Result / Added Value

The food trade is changing significantly. Recommendations on the reorganization of the Munich market halls therefore considered future customer requirements and needs and future requirements of a large market hall. In addition, an assessment and recommendation was made on opportunities for renovation and new buildings in order to ensure optimal use of the area. This led to an increase of attractiveness of the shopping environment and the shopping experience for both retailers and end users. The potential for urban redevelopment and for the development of the site was identified and evaluated.

As a result, the study figured out the essential, future-determining factors. Strategic recommendations for the further development of the site, as well as for the business orientation and organization were also developed. We identified the opportunities, as well as the strategically investments and the concrete possibilities for optimizing the business model. This laid the foundations for further development of the market halls in Munich as an attractive and future-proof location.


Project Volume

> €100 million