International Bidding Procedure Mendelssohn-Palais

The historic Mendelssohn-Palais, built in 1893, is centrally located in one of Berlin's prime locations, in direct proximity to the Gendarmenmarkt. The former banking house of the Mendelssohn family has preserved its unique character to this day and can impress with many original details. The former owner, the ABDA - Federal Union of German Associations of Pharmacists, used the building with its net area of 3,760 square meters as the association’s headquarters for about 15 years.



The BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH was exclusively commissioned with the strategy, and the preparation, monitoring and implementation of the bidding procedure. We devised the strategy for the sales process specifically for this sales transaction. The objective was to find the best bidder for the building and an equally reliable buyer, as well as to minimize the risks for the seller during the overall process and in the course of the transaction.



We identified, assessed and quantified potentials of the property within the scope of property analysis. The value potentials were raised through the development and management of planning, construction and technical measures. Parallel to the preparation of the international and multi-staged bidding process, a marketing strategy was developed and successfully implemented.


Result / Added Value

As a result of the challenging task, a very high level of attention was gained throughout the relevant market environment and in the media. The number of buyers exceeded the expectations by far. By the raising of value potentials, we achieved bids and a sales price which exceeded expectations significantly.


Projekt Volume

Confidential – on request.