HENSCHEL AREAL: Development of an industrial site in Kassel

Sector 7 is planning a new quarter development on the former Henschel site in Kassel-Rothenditmold. Today, the Henschel site is home to the former production halls of the railroad manufacturer, some of which are in need of renovation. The company was located here for over 100 years.



As development partner, BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH is responsible for the design of the project development. The goal is to enable a long-term and sustainable use of the Henschel site. A new, lively urban quarter is to be created here, which will tie in with the history of the industrial site and bring it into the present day.



The Henschel site is being developed in an open project development. The basis for this is a workshop process in which the specialist public as well as citizens are included. The goal is to find out what the Henschel site should look like in the future. The workshop process consists of several expert and citizen dialogs that bring together the wishes and ideas of citizens, science, business, politics and administration. The results of the workshop process will be summarized in a consensus concept that will form the basis of the urban planning competition.


Results / Added value

Open project development ensures that the Henschel site will become a lively urban neighborhood. This is ensured by broad participation in the various development stages.


Project volumen

100.000 sqm property area