Strategy & Organization

The real estate economic framework conditions of the markets determine the corporate strategy. This applies to each company and each individual real estate project. At the same time, these interact with cities and municipalities and the statutory framework and infrastructure.

In this environment, companies and investors each view the markets from different perspectives. The public sector appears as both a partner and a counterpart. It is therefore a firm understanding of the interaction between the private sector and the municipality that forms the basis of every successful real estate project.

Projects, businesses and public organizations therefore require a strategy that incorporates these factors in order to securely and reliably achieve their respective objectives.


Your 7 most important questions

  1. What is the status quo, where do you want to go and what will you get out of it?
  2. How can you anticipate and plan for the long-term demands of the markets?
  3. What is the business plan?
  4. What are the requirements of your company concerning location and what incentives must you offer?
  5. How do investors evaluate available land and what criteria play a role in this?
  6. What does the long-term financial planning of a town or municipality have to look like?
  7. How can your town or municipality best compete with companies and investors?


Our path to a solution

Together with you, we develop your strategic goals and the necessary organization. From this, we derive a prioritized schedule with clearly defined implementation steps.

We determine your needs and assess the demand. By means of in-depth assessments, we evaluate the scope of the markets in order to make optimal use of them.

We bring together the different expectations of investors, companies and the public sector and support all stakeholders in their own positioning. As a result, you receive from us a clearly defined strategy with measurable results so that you can achieve your business goals.


Our services

The real estate industry:
  • Strategic requirements and investment planning for individual properties and real estate portfolios
  • Organizational consulting
  • Process consulting
  • Inventory analysis and competitive strategies (market, customer, product)
Urban economy:
  • Advice for urban development
    (property strategies, development and management)
  • Marketing of municipal buildings and properties
  • Advice on business development
    (positioning, marketing, settlement)
  • Strategies to optimize the lifecycle costs of municipal properties and public construction and refurbishment projects