Real Estate Investment

Purchasing and selling real estate are often highly complex and sensitive endeavors. This applies in particular to real estate portfolios, exceptional or large properties. Apart from the purchasing price, strategic and tactical aspects play a prominent role in such transactions.

In many cases, real estate has untapped value-added potential. However, buyers rarely use them and sellers hardly ever use them at all, as the focus is frequently on transactional speed. In addition, the traditional marketing channel via real estate agents usually doesn’t offer any incentives for this purpose. As a result, real estate agents don’t have the necessary skills and structures to identify value potential in a targeted manner. This applies all the more to complex transaction processes such as international bidding procedures.

Optimal structuring and early assessment of opportunities and risks are the basis for complex transaction processes. Only a clear definition of strategy, path and goals leads to a successful real estate transaction.


Your 7 most important questions

  1. Which investment fits your overall strategy?
  2. How do you ensure that your purchasing and selling assumptions are valid?
  3. What are the risks and potentials of the transaction?
  4. Have you identified optimization opportunities?
  5. Which transactions make sense?
  6. When is the timing right?
  7. Under which market conditions should you approach buyers and sellers?


Our path to a solution

We examine your project or your planned investment comprehensively and in detail. We review and question all assumptions in order to provide you with a sound basis for decision-making. Taking into account the current and foreseeable market conditions, we identify and define opportunities for optimization and value enhancement. With our many years of experience, we leverage existing potential and find the best route for the purchase or selling.

Transaction processes require a high degree of trust. We accompany you in the negotiation of the notarial purchase contract and support you beyond that. We coordinate legal advisors, notaries and banks. In the post-closing phase, we methodically and diligently work through any situation preceding and following the transaction.

When bringing a property to the market, we develop an individual and tailor-made marketing strategy for each property and each client. We make full use of all opportunities to optimize value. This allows our clients and us to ensure a purely performance-related and transparent remuneration model in both your and our interest. Our fees are usually not a share of the sales proceeds, as is customary in the market. Instead, you only pay for the services and a share of the added value provided by us.


Our services

Complex real estate transactions
  • Transaction support and transaction management
  • Marketing concepts for purchase and sale
  • Conception & realization of bidding procedures
  • Revenue value analyses and forecasts
  • Market and prospective purchaser investigation
  • Risk analyses & risk allocation
  • Post-closing support
Investment advice
  • 2nd opinion and 360 degree analyses
  • Profitability calculations and modeling
  • Investment accounting - life-cycle costs