Project Development

We understand project development as the structural design of living and working environments in a complex urban environment. The clients and their needs are always at centre of our attention when creating liveable spaces. The legal requirements and social as well as economic interests of all those involved form the framework of the project development.

Besides these aspects, one or several ideas lie at the heart of every real estate project development. We develop these ideas and translate them into a strategic and systematic approach. This enables a demand-oriented project development while taking into account the added value.


Your 7 most important questions

  1. What steps need to be followed in order to realize your project?
  2. What options and alternatives do you have?
  3. How do you obtain development and construction rights quickly and within the legal framework?
  4. How can you turn stakeholders, politicians and citizens into allies within a demanding regulatory environment?
  5. What costs, revenues, cash flows and ROI can you expect in the short and long term?
  6. What are the risks, how should they be assessed and how do you manage them?
  7. What are the financing models for your project?


Our path to a solution

As your partner, we accompany your project development from planning to marketability. Together, we develop a strategy for the planning and its implementation. We evaluate the chances and risks of your project. Throughout the entire planning and implementation phase, we provide you with a clear and reliable decision basis.

From the first project step, all involved parties participate in an active dialogue. We unite conflicting interests and always ensure the greatest possible acceptance of the project.

Our strategic approach creates added value for our clients and future users. This also applies to the existing and future public space. As a result, you receive the perfect project development with the best possible conditions and optimum value creation at the end.


Our services

Acquiring planning permission & construction approval:
  • Development and feasibility studies
  • Market and location analyses
  • Responsible assumption of project developments (usage and location concepts, monetization, valorization, marketing)
  • 2nd Opinion & Project quick-checks
Profitability & refinancing:
  • Revenue potential analysis and forecasts
  • Investment accounting – life cycle costs
  • Economic risk analyses
  • Evaluations