Target group oriented marketing of industrial and commercial areas

Over the previous ten years, the town of Großenhain in Saxony had been very successful in attracting new businesses. Its objective was to continue this in the future and also to market other potentially available plots of land. However, in times of volatile business cycles, long-term planning for new commercial locations is difficult.



The task for the BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH was to provide the town of Großenhain and its supply of lands, a unique, marketable profile and to develope a plan of activities for the next five years in order to successfully attract investors who are willing to relocate. This concerned the promotion of relocation to readily available land, the preliminary marketing of land plots that would be available in the future and the identification of areas not suitable for industrial use.



Together with the town of Großenhain, and in a three-stage process, the BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH laid the foundations for the future marketing activities. The first step was the analysis of the actual state (competition analysis, self-image, previous strategies), followed by the development of the target concept for the strategy. In this, the profile of Großenhain as a town was formed to match the demand and to have an industry focus: We subsequently derived and formulated the competitive advantages. Finally, companies potentially suited to the marketing concept were selected, and contacts and business relocation proposals were made.


Result / Aadded Value

With the support of the BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH, the town of Großenhain received an individual, specific and implementable marketing concept that was tailored to its needs. The town now focuses on just two industrial sectors and does so very successfully: steel, metal and mechanical engineering. “Großenhain loves industry. Without exception. In Großenhain, industry is welcome." Bringing this self-image to life was the most important and most effective success factor of the consultation.


Project Volume

Approx. €10 million