Development of area around a railway station

The main railway station of the city of Brandenburg and its surroundings make up the entrance to the city and, as an important transport hub, they form one of the key areas of development for the city.



Taking into account the real estate economic framework conditions, the team took a structural approach to draw up the foundations for the redesign of the station’s surroundings and the main railway station of the city of Brandenburg.



Initially, a detailed market analysis was carried out on the real estate market in the city of Brandenburg and the area surrounding the railway station. An examination of the economic exploitability of existing buildings and space at the station concluded the site analysis. Building on this, various usage possibilities were discussed.


Result / Added Value

Action recommendations for marketing and implementation strategies were derived from the analysis which offered to the client specific measures for the implementation of the concept. The commercial benefits were also optimized. The urban development took place on the basis of actual demand.


Project Volume

€100 million