Development and conversion of a military airport

The town of Großenhain in Dresden was the largest Russian military site with aviation operations in the former GDR. The contamination conditions for the site of over 200 ha were unclear.



Within the context of a market and location analysis, we analyzed to what extent a transformation and development of the former Russian military airport and current regional airfield into a commercial or industrial area with a very large, continuous area offering could be economically viable. The overarching goal was to create jobs in Großenhain - Dresden. Accordingly, industries with a high density of jobs were to be preferred. 



A feasibility study on the development of the brownfield site investigated three issues: the actual demand for large, and continuous commercial or industrial settlements (> 10 ha), the economic evaluation of the contamination situation and the infrastructural measures necessary to produce a large industrial zone.

It was possible to establish the demand for space by means of a Germany-wide market analysis and a Europe-wide competition analysis. The assessment of the contamination situation from an engineering viewpoint listed the actions required, the renovation measures and their costs. The location analysis for traffic and media development culminated in a development and allocation concept for the entire industrial area for future industries. In this, the development demands for both the internal and external development and the optimal customization of the study area were taken into account. A cost and risk assessment concerning the marketability of the property, which took the subsidies into account, completed the results of our consultancy.


Result / Added Value

The conclusion of the consulting project was that the development of the property would require product and target group-oriented marketing. To this end, the town of Großenhain received from the BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH a marketing concept and advice for the positioning of the town of Dresden-Großenhain in the context of the competitive situation to comparable locations in Saxony.


Project Volume

€100 million