December 21, 2018

Save the Date: Future: Housing, Living, Working - Building in the Surroundings of Berlin | May 9, 2019 in Berlin

The surrounding area of Berlin is booming - the outskirts are exploding in many ways. The topic "Building in the Surroundings of Berlin" is trendsetting because the real estate markets there are developing with an extraordinary dynamism.

At the BFW theme day "Housing, Living, Working - Building in the Surroundings of Berlin - Myth and Reality", this development will be exemplified in the most important submarkets of Berlin and Berlin’s southeastern surroundings. The event on 9 May 2019 is a cooperation of the BÜRO DR. VOGEL GMBH with the BFW Landesverband Berlin / Brandenburg.

Topic preview

  • "Building in the Surroundings of Berlin - Myth and Reality"
    Newly developing densely populated areas are emerging everywhere outside of Berlin. Almost nowhere else is there so much movement on so many levels: Catchment areas as new locations for office, residential and work quarters in the "Greater Berlin" of tomorrow. This topic focuses on the market development of three hot spots on the outskirts of Berlin.
  • “Integrating mixed-use neighborhoods and creating added value".
    The development of new office and work space in dynamic markets increasingly requires the provision of adequate residential quarters. Do the areas in Berlin’s surroundings have enough space for experimental approaches? What opportunities and challenges arise for project developers and investors?
  • “Develop and approve development plans and building applications outside of Berlin more quickly and efficiently"
    The large number of developments to be expected at Berlin's city limits must be implemented more quickly. Here, too, processes must be revised. We want to show a municipality and a developer as examples how development plans can be drawn up more efficiently, which instruments can be used and which techniques are required for this purpose. This is one of the pressing issues surrounding land and real estate development for the demands of a growing city and its outskirts.

You can find the program and the registration on the BFW website:
BFW Theme Day "Future: Housing, Living, Working - Myth and Reality"


May 9, 2019
14:30 – 18:15
Subsequent get together


Berlin, Germany

Presented by

BFW – Landesverband Berlin / Brandenburg e. V.